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Confused about the pace of change in Business World?

Get all your questions answered from CEOs and Presidents of America’s top companies at the newly designed NABC 2018 Business Forum

At NABC 2018 Business Forum, we can tell you 100 things that the forum is about, but in the interest of time and brevity, let us just tell you what it’s not. It certainly is not another business forum. No really, it isn’t!

It could very well be the best two hours you would have ever spent if you were ambitious and had an undying need to stay relevant.

The business forum is designed keeping you in mind; it’s structured to provide you all, the participants, an opportunity to meet and interact with top innovators and chieftains of America’s best-run companies.


Modern Times 2.0

Our world is changing very fast: the steep gradient and pace of technological progress are impacting our lives in an unprecedented and pervasive way. With the progressive growth of automation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning: we really have entered the second machine age where humans and machines are going to compete for jobs.

If Charlie Chaplin were alive, he for sure would have created Modern Times 2.0 to retell the story of this new paradigm.

In 2018, NABC Business Forum will have innovation leaders of progressive and disrupting industries talk about three major areas among other things. The main areas are:


Where is the market heading

What will the market throw up and how will the balance pan out?


What you need to know

For you to stay relevant, gainfully employed, and have sustained career growth; how do you channelize your learning.


Who are they hiring

The big dollar W2 is a reality in many progressive industries. Get the hands-on reality check on what it takes to get selected in these companies from the people who decide their future workforce.


Stay tuned; we will publish the names of invited delegates very soon.


Thank you for your interest for NABC 2018.