Dr. Nana Banerjee

Dr. Nana Banerjee is group president of Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK, market cap $15B), overseeing Verisk’s Argus, LCI, G2, Geomni, Maplecroft, Fintellix and Verisk Retail businesses. He also has oversight responsibility for Verisk’s joint data and development environment and Verisk’s centralized advanced research and analytics group.  Dr. Banerjee came to Verisk as part of its acquisition of Argus, where he was chief operating officer. In prior roles, he served as head of Citibank’s credit card business in the United Kingdom and as vice president of marketing at GE Capital. Dr. Banerjee was named Verisk group president in 2016.

Dr. Banerjee has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the State University of New York; a master of science degree in mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi; and a bachelor of science degree with honors in mathematics from St. Stephens College, Delhi.