We are honored to share the news that a grand choral performance of Tagore Songs will be featured in NABC2018, and all the notable Tagore singers from all the states of USA and Canada are most welcome to share the stage with us. After the great fun and gratification of spearheading the unique nationwide-production of "Shatakanthe Rabindranath (SKR)" in 2015, 2016, and 2017, we are now gearing up for seeing you all in Atlantic City during the festivities of NABC2018 with a new set of songs and a brand-new theme "নৃত্যের তালে তালে ".  Our heartfelt thanks to Shri Soumen Roy of NABC2018 for believing in the dream of SKR. 



Program List:




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Type Of Program/Description

1 Ebong TheatriX Maryland Arindam Ghosh Musical,
A musical based on Manoj Mitra's "Kinoo Kaharer Thetar"
2 Ishita Mili Global Exposé (IMGE) New Jersey Ishita Bhattacharya Dance Show,
Ishita Mili Global Exposé (IMGE) is the world’s premiere Urban Indian Dance Troupe founded by Ishita Mili. Urban Indian is a new dance vocabulary inspired by the roots of Bharatanatyam and Hip Hop. Ishita strives to tell classical Indian stories in a more modern, relatable, and relevant way to keep the Indian culture alive and current for her generation. Moreover, she tries to tell these stories in a way that also resonates globally by using Indian and urban dance vocabulary. IMGE is comprised of professional dancers of all different ethnic, national, and dance backgrounds but they are able to pick up elements of Indian dance storytelling to carry out the true definition of fusion in all aspects.
For Bangasammelan 2018, IMGE would like to present a 20min variety show exploring different aspects of Indian culture reformatted for the global stage. The dances will explore mythology, nature, Indian tales, and the current experiences of South Asians in the millennial world. IMGE can guarantee a completely unique and breathtaking show that blow the audience way and bring Indian culture to a completely new light. See IMGE performance reel here: https://youtu.be/_xOvo7r_UPM
3 Ranjanee INC. New York New York Subhra Goswami Songs , dance with Recitation "Sishu Tirtha" - based on Tagore's 'The Children"
4 Prerona New Jersey Jayeeta Ghosh Rabindra Sangeet - vocal . Will illustrate an important aspect of Rabindrasangeet . Rabindranath used some Taals from Indian classical music by modifying different beats for his songs and created taals for his songs.
5 Indrani Kar Troup Georgia Indrani Kar Theme based dance - the program will be in tune of a contemporary fusion portrayal.
6 Ananda Mandir - RDM co-sponsored New Jersey Mitra Purkayastha Dasavatara - a mythological interpretation of the ten incarnations of God - the evolution of mankind - in Odissi.
7 Kahlar Maryland Dr. Soumyendu Guha Jugal Surer Rabindrasangeet. Majhe Majhe - Ektaal, Kirtananga Lakshmi Jokhon - Ektaal , Kirtananga Barota Peyechi - 2 tunes
8 Kallol of NJ New Jersey Aparajita Das Drama. - it will be the sequel of the "Cooking Show" which was performed in NABC 2016
9 Tagore Music Group of Greater Washinton DC Washington DC Bharati Mitra "Bhoj", a comedy - is an uproariously funny short comedy fashioned after Rabindranath Tagore's short story "Bini - Poishar Bhoj"
10 Shuddhaswar Connecticut Shanta Nag Musical Drama "Somoy-er Srote" - the united Bengal had gone through several major events for last 300 years. These historical events often nostalgic and painful, will be theatrically captured and presented through music, recitation and dialog.
11 Bharatiya Kala Kendro New Jersey Parthasarathi Mukhopadhay Musical Drama - " Magonlaler Deray " - a musical drama based on the story line "Joybaba Felunath" written by "Satyajit Roy".This will include completely new script with songs and dialogues supported by multimedia presentation.
12 CAB New York Sushmita Sarkar Dance program - " Bhul Swarga" by Rabindranath from "Lipika".
13 Palit Family Michigan Bobby Palit Vocal duet performance of 4 Elvis songs utilizing instruments and 2 other songs saluting our bengali culture.
14 Kallol (NJ) New Jersey Sunrita Mitra Dance Collage - "Bishwer Ongoney amar Namashkar " .Namashkar janai Srishtikortakey- Ek e ongey etoo roop , rooper aguney jholshey otha shobbhota , shobbhotaar prachurjer araley lokano aabeg…onubhuti aar premer aadi okrittim premer golpo.
15 GSCA New Jersey Mahua Bose / Arundhati Sanyal Composite presentation of folk songs and dance represents the timeless aesthestics of bengali folk traditions as they are reflected in the music and performative arts of our rich heritage. Country folk music,steeped in this tradition and history fosters our deep-rooted connections to the land and simple lives and tradition of it's people. The program showcases nuances of such folk traditions through various regions, celebrations and seasons of Bengal - with an effort to present the wide-ranging repertoire of songs, dances and rituals.
16 Painted Poems New Jersey Hashu Rahman / Titas Mahmud Bengali Poetry - an entertaining poetic debate through famous poets' work . Debate theme : Significance of poems in life versus insignificance.
17 EBC (Edison Bengali Club) New Jersey Ritali Ghosh / Mahua Sen "Fashion, culture across few Indian States with Narration, Dance and Fashion."
Ethnic clothing in India not only vary by state but also according to different religion and communities within the state. This program consists of narration with dance and featuring different types of dresses in those states.
18 London Durga Puja Committee United Kingdom Mainak Roy Chowdhury "Poncho Kobir Panchali (পঞ্চ কবির পাঁচালি)"

London Durgotsav Committee and Dakshinayan UK jointly proposes to stage a dance musical opera at NABC 2018.

Celebrating the lives of the great five poets of Bengal - Rabindranath Tagore, Atulprasad Sen, Rajnikanto Sen, Kaji Nazrul Islam and D L Roy through their rare works.

The story knits in itself a twining aroma of cross links of flavours of these five timeless poets and how they lived and thrived almost during the same years between 1880-1960.

Titled ‘Poncho Kobir Panchali (পঞ্চ কবির পাঁচালি)', the musical soiree will feature songs of the ' Poncho Kobi ' (five poets).

The musical extravaganza is dedicated to India 70 and India UK year of culture.
A DR. ANANDA GUPTA initiative.
19 Ritam Academy of Dance New Jersey Reeta Baidya Roy A spectacular multi-media classical dance drama produced and performed by Ritam Academy's Performing Ensemble, Alumni, Students & professional guest artists.
KUMARASHAMBHAVA, a modern adaptation based on the epic poem of poet Sri Kalidasa. (Concept choreography by Reeta Baidya Roy)