For any registration related queries please send email to Joy Bhowmick

Benefits $5,000 (Bronze) 
INR 3.5 lacs
$10,000 (Silver)
INR 6.5 lacs
$15,000 (Gold)
INR 10 lacs
$25,000 (Diamond)
INR 16 lacs

Conference Admission Badges

2 4 4 6

Names recognized on the screens

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corporate Video No Yes (30 sec) Yes (45 sec) Yes (60 sec)
Number of times (presentation on the screen) 5 6 8 At the beginning of program
Web site Yes Yes (Banner) Yes (Banner) Yes (Banner)
Stage Opportunity No No No 5 minutes
Hotel rooms  1 Room - 3 nights 1 Room - 4 nights 1 Suite  1 Suite 
Lunch and Dinner Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance seating Reserved VIP (3rd Row) VIP (2nd Row) VIP (1st Row)
Free Pickup for Guests from and to the Airport No No Yes Yes
Exhibitor Booth (pipes and drapes, 1 table and 2 chairs) 10 X 10 10 X 20 10 X 20 (Premium) 10 X 30 (Premium)
Ad in NABC 2018 Brochure Half Page One Full Page One Full Page Two Full Pages
Pull -up banner at the entry to Registration and other high traffic areas (On stage not allowed) No No Yes Yes
Company Fliers or Brochure on Registration Counter No Yes Yes Yes
Company Fliers and Brochure in Registration bag No No Yes Yes