NABC 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

For any registration related queries please send email to Bandana Rakhit or Joy Bhowmick

Why sponsor NABC 2018?

  • Raise your company’s visibility within the Bengali diaspora
  • Enhance your company profile to a large audience
  • Build your tomorrow’s business today
  • Establish your business as a premier supplier of goods and services
  • Enhance your customer base
  • Globally reach your target audience – more than 10,000 attendees from  U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, India, Bangladesh and the Middle East
  • Culturally and politically conscious  Global citizens
  • One of the most diverse group of professionals – savvy business entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, scientists, information technology professionals, writers, musicians, actors/actresses, social workers and more.
  • One of the most culturally and politically world-conscious reader groups

Sponsorship Package

Each year, the North American Bengali Conference (NABC), hosted in various cities in the continental U.S. and Canada during the Jun 29th, 30th and Jul 1st, 2018 weekend, attracts a unique population of the ethnic Indian diaspora which is as diverse on a professional front as it is cohesive on a cultural and ethnic level. This offers the corporate world an exciting opportunity to attract and network with a highly educated, influential, and intelligent clientele during a period of 3 days. This is true of the 38th NABC to be held at Atlantic City Convention Center in Jun-Jul 2018 – where better to offer your products and services than in the heart of Tri-state area host to 10,000 or more Bengalis from around the U.S. and the world!!! This is where families and individuals who are doctors, software and hardware engineers, entrepreneurs, business men, and teachers will congregate next year to participate in a 3 day cultural event and a business forum.

We would like to invite you to take advantage of the wonderful facilities at the Atlantic City Convention Center, meet and mingle with our guests around the globe, and be a part of our extended Bengali family for the 3 day event. NABC 2018 will provide your organization with an amazing platform to showcase your products and services starting mid-2017 until the event itself in July, 2018 with publications, brochures, online material , print advertisements, and ethnic audio and video media.

Advertising your organization’s products and services can take shape through one or more of the following channels:

  • Advertisement in our event brochure circulated to all participants and vendors.
  • Corporate booths.
  • Business Forum.
  • Acknowledgement on stage during primetime events.
  • Banners, posters, fliers during the event.
  • Award ceremonies.
  • Various electronic and print media coverage of the organization’s sponsorship.

Types of sponsorship Opportunities

  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Individual Sponsorship
  • Exclusive Opportunities (by bidding)
    • Registration Badge
    • Registration Bag
    • Signage and Banners in key places
    • Wrist band
    • Film Festival
    • Advertisement in Media and Print – schedule, web page, event brochureetc
    • Sponsorship of artists (to be approved by cultural committee)
  • Exhibitor

If you would like to sponsor please send an email at

Corporate Sponsorship Levels

  • Diamond Sponsor - $25000
  • Gold Sponsor - $15000
  • Silver Sponsor - $10000
  • Bronze Sponsor - $5000

For more information on Corporate Sponsorship Benefits please click here.

Individual Sponsorship Levels

  • Diamond Sponsor - $25000
  • Platinum Sponsor - $15000
  • Gold Sponsor - $10000
  • Silver Sponsor - $5000
  • Bronze Sponsor - $3000

For more information on Individual Sponsorship Benefits please click here.

Advertisement Opportunities 

NABC 2018 provides a platform to showcase your products and services. You may use the following media for advertisement

1. Event Magazine: Our Event magazine is one of the premium publications of the whole conference. It is distributed to each and every individual who are connected to the conference and it reaches out to a global audience. Put your company advertisement in our NABC2018 Magazine. The circulation of this magazine will reach 5000+ readers in USA and international. Become a corporate or individual sponsor and enjoy the benefit that includes advertising in our brochure.


  • Back Page $6000
  • Inside Back $5000
  • Inside Cover $5000
  • Center Spread $4000
  • Full Page $1500
  • Half Page $800

2. Web Page: We will start advertising your Company profile through a link from our Web page.


  • $3000 (logo) 1.5 “ X 1.5 “ – 3 months
  • $2000 (logo) 1” X1” - 3 months
  • $1000 (logo) 0.5” X0.5” - 3 months

3. Banners in the Convention Center for three days
$1000 - 6 feet X 3 feet - Vertical Banner
$3000 - 10 feet X 3 feet - Banner

4. Exhibitor – 10X10 booth with drapes, 1 table and 2 chairs - $3000.

5. Exclusive Sponsorship (because of high demand for this sponsorship level, bids are being accepted)

a. Wrist Bands
b. Registration badges
c. Conference Bagsinfo
d. Schedule in handouts and on Mobile App.
e. Exhibitor Advertisement on Mobile App.

6. Artists Sponsorship (to be approved by the Cultural and Steering Committee)
30 - 40 minutes stage time - $15,000 (includes visa fee, travel expense, hospitality and performance fee - total costs should not exceed $7,000)