Youth Program

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NABC is the forum where all the Bengalis from all over North America get together every year, usually on the Independence Day (July 4th) weekend. NABC 2018 will take place in   Atlantic City, New Jersey. This event, like in previous years, will showcase and celebrate the best of   Bengali culture and traditions. Under the larger NABC umbrella, normally there is a “Youth Group” that is for the next generation. This year it is called “NABC 2018 Next Gen,” and we're trying to get all the "youth" together and have our own performances and events in this sub forum. 


Highlights of the Events

Meet and Greet

That is exactly the vibe that we have going on for our grand, opening event – the ice-breaker party. Meet us and learn more about what is in store for the weekend.

Talent Show

A talent show will be hosted for youth of all ages to showcase their skills. Fill out our signup form in order to participate in the hunt.

Mix n Mingle (Social hour)

This casual “mix n’ mingle” affair will allow participants to meet other individuals, who are interested in making new connections and expanding their friend circles.

Comedy Show

Saturday night we have comedy show by Anish Kumar Mitra from 7:30 pm- 9:00 pm.

Please stay tuned for more details surrounding activities, seminar, shows & events for NABC 2018 Next Gen.


NABC 2018 Next Gen. Program Schedule: 

Youth Flyer


youth performance